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Doors Open
9:00am eastern / 8:00am central
Beef House Rolls & Coffee Available

Opening Remarks
9:25am eastern / 8:25am central
    Todd E. Gleason, University of Illinois Extension

Weather Outlook
9:30am eastern / 8:30am central
    Eric Snodgrass, Agrible - Champaign, Illinois

Special Guest for the Day
     Todd Hubbs, Agricultural Economist - University of Illinois

Cash Grain Panel
10:15am eastern / 9:15am central
Matt Bennett, Bennett Consulting - Windsor, Illinois
    Aaron Curtis, MIDCO - Bloomington, Illinois
    Brian Stark, The Andersons - Champaign, Illinois
    Chuck Shelby, Risk Management Commodities - Lafayette, Indiana

Break (30 min)

Soybean Panel
11:30am eastern / 10:30am central
    Ellen Dearden, AgReview - Morton, Illinois
    Bill Gentry, Risk Management Commodities - Lafayette, Indiana
    Pete Manhart, Bates Commodities - Normal, Illinois
    Bill Mayer, Strategic Farm Marketing - Champaign, Illinois

Lunch and Trade Show
12:15pm eastern / 11:15am central
Beef House Lunch

Farm Policy, Trade, & the Farm Bill
Gardner Agriculture Policy Program
1:15pm eastern / 12:15pm central
    Jonathan Coppess, Agricultural Policy Specialist - University of Illinois
    Gary Schnitkey, Farm Management & Crop Insurance - University of Illinois
    Nick Paulson, Agricultural Finance & Policy Assessment - University of Illinois

Corn Panel
2:15pm eastern / 1:15pm central
    Curt Kimmel, Bates Commodities - Normal, Illinois
    Wayne Nelson, L&M Commodities - New Market, Indiana
    Mike Zuzolo, Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting - Atchison, Kansas
    Dan Zwicker, Zwicker Consulting - Waco, Texas