Illinois State Fair Sale of Champions

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner purchased the Grand Champion Steer at the Illinois State for a record setting $104,000.

Governor Rauner Announces Illinois State Fair Foundation

The Illinois State Fair has a new funding source. Governor Bruce Rauner has announced the creation of the Illinois State Fair Foundation. He says it is a non-governmental, non-political, privately run 501c3 Not-for-Profit to be operated by farmers and community leaders.

The private foundation was created after the Illinois State government failed to pass legislation last year to create a similar board. The private foundation will work to restore and maintain the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, and the DuQuoin State Fair in the southern part of the state.

You may follow the progress of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour August 22-25 on Watch for live in field results from the tour scouts as they gather information from corn and soybean field across the Midwest. The updates will come directly from a series of crop scouts. Monday through Thursday we'll also bring you audio updates from Pro Farmer's Brian Grete and Chip Flory. Those updates will air during the 2:06-2:36pm Closing Market Report. Friday Brian Grete will join the Commodity Week panel to review the tour results, Pro Farmer's official estimation of the 2016 crop, and compare those to USDA's August report. You may learn more about the tour on the Pro Farmer website.

2016 Illinois Corn & Soybean at Mid-Season with Emerson Nafziger

Urbana - University of Illinois Extension Agronomist Emerson Nafziger discusses the potential of the corn and soybean crops at mid-season.


  • Corn (tipback)
  • Soybean (tall)
  • Growing Degree Days (frost)

IPPA Responds to Chicago Tribune "The Price of Pork" Series

Chicago Tribune “The Price of Pork”
Jennifer Tirey, Executive Director - Illinois Pork Producers Association

New Site for August 18th U of I Agronomy Day

Agronomy Day on the University of Illinois campus is Thursday August 18th.

Agronomy Day at ILLINOIS has moved this year. It’ll be a bit further south of campus at the new facilities on the First Street farm says University of Illinois Extension Weed Scientist Aaron Hager.

The south First Street facility is about 3 miles or so from the usual place, however, it is in a different city on the map. The address is Savoy. Just go straight south from the U of I’s football and basketball arena’s on First Street and you’ll find the farm on the east side of the road. The doors open at 7am Thursday August 18th, with a meal at the noon hour.

Marketing a Low Priced High Volume Corn Crop

The price of corn is predicted to stay low this coming year because the size of the crop should be really big. Todd Gleason has more on just how a farmer might go about marketing under such conditions.

The numbers aren’t pretty as it relates to this year’s corn crop, at least other than the number of bushels in the bin. It should be a great big one, something on the order of 15 billion bushels thinks Darrel Good. Each of those bushels will be worth a lot less than they would have been earlier in the year and now farmers must figure out how to make a lower price and a higher yield result in a sustainable income. The price is too low to call it anything more than sustainable and the crop is too big to put it all in storage says the University of Illinois agricultural economist.

Quote Summary - So, some sales must be made between now and the end of the harvest period. Getting the extra bushels sold in the next few weeks is probably a good idea as pressure continue on futures and basis through harvest. So, if you are looking at an extra 20 to 30 bushels to the acre that you normally do not have, then you should get that priced and out of the way. However, storing the crop is the decision of choice, and the one I would choose at this point. The dilemma is that it may require a fairly long storage period to see a price recovery.

It won’t be quick or even large says Darrel Good, but a recovery should come as the days pass in 2017 and the trade looks forward to the next crop year. Storing corn on the farm and waiting for a higher price is a simple enough decision. Storing it at the grain elevator is a much tougher prospect.

Quote Summary - You’ll spend about 30 cents a bushel to hold corn to next spring. Right now the carry in the market is about that. If you look at harvest time bids plus spring basis there is about a 30 cent carry in the market and this makes commercial storage a breakeven operation at this point other than just holding for higher futures prices. Still, there is likely to be an opportunity to payoff on that, but it will take a much higher price recovery to pay for off-farm storage costs than is the case for on-farm.

You may read more about marketing corn from Darrel Good on the Farm Doc Daily website. A new article on commodity marketing is posted each Monday afternoon.

Control Mosquito Larvae & Protect Yourself

Foggers used by cities and towns can be a pretty effective tool for controlling mosquitos. They can even be used around the house. It is best, however, to start with the basics. Both types of disease carrying mosquitos need standing water to hatch. Get rid of it, especially if it is nasty water says University of Illinois Extension Entomologist Phil Nixon.

Quote Summary - Those mosquitos are quiet biters, they will sneak up and bite you. They are the ones in the case of the northern house mosquito, transmitting west nile virus and in the case of the Asian tiger mosquito Zika virus, if it gets established this coming summer. Both of these mosquitos tend to be short range flyers, usually a quarter to half a mile, and so what you do on your own property and what your neighbors do can make a huge difference in the numbers of these mosquitos and the likelyhood of being bitten.

The first line of defense says Phil Nixon, and the Centers for Disease Control, is to protect your own person and your family. Use an EPA-registered insect repellant. Clean out your gutters and get rid of standing water. If you want to go further, in the case of a backyard get together for instance, even in the Midwest where Zika carrying mosquitos are unlikely to appear, call in bigger guns like Daren Bohannan. He owns a Mosquito Squad franchise.

Quote Summary - So, when we are treating your yard here in the Midwest, we are probably not killing any of the aegypti, but there are some other mosquitos that carry other diseases like West Nile and heart worm for your pets. So, I think more people are concerned in the local area here in central Illinois with just the nuisance of mosquitos.

Once final note on mosquitos. You heard Phil Nixon say the two disease carrying types sneak up on you. Those two types aren’t particularly noisy. So, less to worry about if you hear that mosquito buzzing by just before you feel its bite.

Rachael Erin Nichole

Sunday July 17, 2016

She was doing everything right, and we still lost our Rachael Erin Nichole. She went quickly into the evening sunlight yesterday in Branson, Missouri. A place she and her mother both love.

Claranne and I thank our friends and family for their prayers. Rachael was with us only briefly, but it seemed as natural to us as if she'd been in our home all her life. We loved her as our own, and our children had already adopted Rach as a sister. She is gone from us far to soon... a heart transplant miracle from five years ago that simply succumbed suddenly and without warning.

Rachael loved life and everyone surrounding her. She knew no stranger, and endearingly called most aunt or uncle. Her world was filled with her pets, technology and innocence. She loved movies and General Hospital and the color pink. She had an infectious smile and a dismissive, but sweet eye roll, that could simultaneously amuse and correct. She wanted everyone to be happy. 
Visitation will begin at 9 a.m. Thursday July 21, 2016 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Peoria, Illinois followed by a memorial Mass of Christian burial at 10 a.m., with Father Jim Pankiewicz as celebrant. A committal service will follow at the Chapel of Peace at Parkview Cemetery. A celebration of life gathering immediately follow.

Todd & Claranne Gleason
1603 Spring Creek Drive
Mahomet, Illinois 61853  

Donations in Memory of Rachael Van Dyke may be made to Ronald McDonald House RMHC of St. Louis at The charity helped Rachael and her family in their time of need.
1. website -
2. then hit red DONATE flag
3. choose RMHC of St. Louis near the bottom of the RMHC CHAPTER TABLE
4. select Donation in Memory
5. fill in your information
Should you want to notify the family of your donation select "Send eCard" and put Todd Gleason under Email Recipient Name and under email address.

Soybean Prices Dominated By Supply Uncertainty

The price of soybeans is being driving by supply side uncertainties.

The new crop November soybean contract traded at the CME Group in Chicago reached its current contract high price of $11.86 a bushel about a month ago. This is $3.22 above the low made last November. University of Illinois agricultural economist Darrel Good says as is typically the case this time of year, price direction will now be mostly determined by the estimated size of the U.S. crop, with the pace of consumption playing a minor role.

Quote Summary - Forecasts of an upcoming period of above normal temperatures in the U.S., a continuation of strong export sales, and a strong pace to the domestic crush have helped support the recent modest price rally.

While the strong pace of export sales and the domestic crush may have provided modest support for soybean prices, the major focus writes Darrel Good in this week’s Weekly Outlook found on the FarmDocDaily website has been and will continue to be on U.S. weather and yield prospects.

The main short term uncertainty surrounds the duration of an upcoming period of above normal temperatures for much of the soybean production area. With so much of the growing season remaining, however, yield uncertainty could persist for several more weeks. The resulting price fluctuations will provide opportunities for producers to make additional sales in the run-up to harvest.

There is enough time and enough uncertainty in the market at this point for rallies to still come. When this happens Darrel Good believes farmers should reward the market with additional soybean sales.