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Illini Summer Academies Offer College Experience for High Schoolers

Your high schooler can go to college this summer for a few days. Not only that, but they can go to the University of Illinois. Todd Gleason has more on the Illini Summer Academies.

Illinois 4-H is proud to offer this hi-fidelity college exploratory experience on the University of Illinois campus. Participants attend academy sessions led by university professors and enjoy a variety of engaging activities that provide a taste of just how cool college life can be. Imagine getting to work alongside university professors while you’re still in HIGH SCHOOL! Imagine getting to hang out on a college campus. Imagine spending five days with kids your age from all across Illinois. That’s what happens at Illini Summer Academies, so stop imagining it and just do it! This program offers teens the opportunity to explore the University of Illinois campus and many degree programs and careers.

All academies feature project-based learning where youth are either conducting experiements, making something, or discovering some aspect of the world few people ever get to see. Learm more about each Academies by clicking the boxes below. It wouldn’t be college without lots of time for socializing, meeting new friends, and exploring campus. There are 15 different subjects to explore.

  • Aerospace Engineering $440
  • Animal Science $345
  • Anthropology $245
  • Chemistry $240
  • Digital Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping $350
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering $445
  • Honeybees & Beekeeping $295
  • Human Development & Family Studies $255
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology $345
  • Vet Medicine $335
  • Ag Communications NEW $250
  • Journalism: Activating Your Voice of Inclusion in the Media NEW $220
  • The Science of Family Experiences NEW $255
  • Theatre & Fashion for Stage NEW $285
  • Theatre & Hip Hop NEW $285

Dates Dates are 4 PM Sunday June 25 through 11 AM Thursday June 29.

Eligibility The conference is open to youth who have completed 8th grade by June 2017 and and will be at least 14 by Sept. 1, 2017.

Location You’ll stay in the newer living quarters on campus, Bousfield Hall, 1214 South First Street, Champaign


Illini Summer Academy

Illini Summer Academy

REGISTER NOW - Experience Ag Business on U of I Campus
June 26–29 | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cost: $220. Cost supported by a gift from DuPont/Pioneer.

Join us in the wonderful world of agribusiness! Create a marketing plan for a product, trade commodities and stocks and compete with others, follow the food supply chain around the world, and see agribusinesses firsthand in action. Take a step into the business world in food and agriculture, and find out more about how you can become a part of it.

Career Opportunities: Agronomist, Farm Appraiser, Agricultural Policy Analyst, Farm Manager, Crop Producer, Grain & Livestock Buyer, Market Analyst, Financier, Quality Controller, Marketing Head, Ag Science Teacher or Professor

REGISTER NOW - Experience Crop Sciences on U of I Campus
June 26–29 | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cost: $205. Cost supported by a gift from DuPont/Pioneer. No repeat attendees from 2015.

Plant Science is an exciting field with many career opportunities where knowledge about plants, insects, biology, agriculture, genetics, plant pathology, horticulture and other topics are used to improve plants and their products and enhance agricultural production. Join this academy to explore plant biotechnology; discover how to identify insects, plant diseases and noxious weeds; investigate climate change and the effects on crops; learn what makes peppers hot; understand how a hydroponics system works; go on field trips and more!

Career Opportunities: Plant scientist, Agronomist or Crop Scientist, Turf Manager, Farm Manager, Food Scientist, Weed Scientist, Entomologist, Nursery and Garden Specialist, Researcher Plant Biotechnology & Molecular Biology, Sustainable Food & Production, Agro Ecology, Crop Agribusiness, Plant Protection