Sep 4 | WILLAg Newsletter

September 4, 2017

Evidence Favors the South & East Tempering Poorer Corn Belt Yields
  This map shows the August 2017 USDA Crop Production Report state by state corn yields. Rollover each state to reveal the yield. Darker green colors represent higher yields. The table gives more complete detail and breaks down the nation by region. Note the twelve corn belt states in the Midwest are expected to yield 8.4 bushels to the acre less this year than last. The southern states, while representing only about 1.5 billion bushels of the total expected 2017 production of 14.2 billion, show a year over year increase of nearly 14 bushels to the acre.

  USDA will update the Crop Production and WASDE figures Tuesday September 12, 2017. This will be followed at the end of the month by the 4th quarter Grain Stocks report Friday September 29th. Naturally, you can see these numbers shortly after their release on our website at or by following Todd's twitter account.

Marketing Panels this Week & Next
  Tuesday the 12th (next week) you are invited to review the September Crop Production and WASDE figures at the Champaign County Farm Bureau / University of Illinois Extension building. The Champaign County Marketing Club is hosting a free event starting at 7pm. Todd Gleason will moderate the panel discussion with Curt Kimmel, Chip Nellinger, and Bill Mayer. Check out the date and time in our calendar for full details. That's next week. This week, you'll note Todd and Company are off to Purdue for its Agronomy Day event. Thursday at the Beck Agricultural Center starting at 8am eastern time. During the final session of the day, starting just after lunch, Illinois Ag Economist Todd Hubbs, Purdue's Chris Hurt, and Chuck Shelby from Risk Management Commodities will take the stage for a WILLAg Marketing Panel discussion.

  Click on the links in the calendar below to reveal full details.

Notes from the Farm Progress Show
  A great big THANK YOU goes out to all those that dropped by the University of Illinois tent during last week's Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois. If you missed the stage shows, or didn't hear the Closing Market Report each day, then you should take some time to come up to speed on the latest agricultural news. What follows are few of the stories collected during the week.

How Harvey Will Impact Fuel Supply Infrastructure
  Monday Todd Gleason spoke with Dave Chatterton at the Powerline Group about how Hurricane Harvey is impacting the nation’s fuel supply infrastructure.

Southern States Crop Tour Review
  The corn crop in the south is good. Very good in fact. Todd Gleason talks with Jeremy Wilson from Crop IMS.

Discussing Dicamba Damage with Robb Fraley
  Monsanto’s Robb Fraley dropped by the University of Illinois tent at the Farm Progress Show to talk about dicamba and soybeans. Todd Gleason has more…

Recruiting Higher Ed Ag Students to IL Universities
  Recruiters from Illinois State, Southern Illinois, Western Illinois, and the University of Illinois are planning to work together to keep more agricultural students in state. Todd Gleason discussed the reasons why with them during this year’s Farm Progress Show.

House Ag Committee Members on the Farm Bill
  Members of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture held a farm bill listening session at the 2017 Farm Progress Show. Todd Gleason spoke with them afterwards and asked about the compromises which might need to be made to accommodate additional crops and the food & feeding programs.

The New IBRL Building Good for Corn Growers
  The University of Illinois has built a biofuels processing facility on campus to pilot test new energy concepts. Todd Gleason has more with the Director of the Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory.

Trump Admin USDA Nominee Ted McKinney
  Todd Gleason has a conversation with Director Ted McKinney of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture. McKinney has been nominated by President Donald Trump to the post of Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs.

Trade & Farm Bill Issues with @ILCorn
  Illinois corn growers Ken Hartman from Waterloo and Roger Cy from Newman talk with Todd Gleason at the 2017 Farm Progress show about the next farm bill and trade issues.

What’s Next for @FieldView Software
  Big data tools like Climate Corp’s Field View are harnessing crop development and agronomic information from farmers and their equipment. Todd Gleason has more with Rick Myrup.

@NationalCorn Spurlock Discusses NAFA & Farm Bill
  NAFTA and the Farm Bill are the hot topics for NCGA. Todd Gleason has more with the Wesley Spurlock from Texas. He is the president of the National Corn Grower’s Association.

Thanks for Listening
  Finally, thank you for listening to our programs and following our content. You can hear the Closing Market Report on 6 Illinois stations including our home station WILL, WHOW, WTIM, WKEI, WSDR, and WLMD. Our programs are available to hear in full on our website at, in iTunes, the NPR One app, and Stitcher. You may also stay up to speed by following Todd on twitter.