Four Items of Interest for the Week of August 10, 2014

U of I Agronomy Day Thursday

A note for the weekend with four items from Todd Gleason ACES / Extension / WILLAg.
  1. Check out WILLAg's Commodity Week! I tried an experimental format and would like to know what you think. Panelist included Matt Bennett, Jacquie Voeks, & Mike Zuzolo. Shoot me an email with your thoughts -
  2. Watch your email for WILLAg's Crop Production & WASDE Newsletter special from Dave Dickey. The reports are due out from USDA at 11am central Tuesday.
  3. Thursday is Agronomy Day on the University of Illinois campus in Urbana-Champaign. Todd will emcee the day on the south farms just east of the State Farm Center (the Assembly Hall) on St. Mary's road. See details a bit further down.
  4. Thursday night kicks off the fall WILLAg Outlook Panel schedule in Shelbyville. The details are slow coming in on that one, but check out this webpage Monday for the finalized event.
Todd Gleason
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Thursday August 14, 2014 - 7am-Noon

Explore the latest breakthroughs in agriculture and technology with researchers and Extension specialists from the University of Illinois this Thursday at the University of Illinois south farms research plots. The day starts at 7am just to the east of the State Farm Center (Assembly Hall) on St. Mary's Road. Each tour lasts about an hour, so please come early if you plan to take all four tours. Field tours depart from the St. Mary's location, making stops at
research plots. Researchers will discuss a variety of topics from soil fertility to insect management, crop production, weed control, corn and soybean genetics, plant diseases, farm economics, and agricultural engineering.

Tour A

  • Resistant varieties help combat losses from soybean cyst nematodes
    Brian Diers
  • Soybean aphid resistance genes
    Russell Ward and Brian Diers
  • Breeding for resistance to sudden death syndrome of soybean
    Lillian Brzostowski and Brian Diers
  • Do soybeans need N fertilizer?
    Emerson Nafziger

Tour B

  • Evaluating options for managing western corn rootworm larvae in Illinois
    Ron Estes and Nick Tinsley
  • Western corn rootworm resistance in Illinois
    Joe Spencer
  • New genes for increasing soybean yield from what!?
    Randy Nelson
  • Uncovering maize genetic response to applied nitrogen
    Jennifer Arp and Steve Moose

Tour C

  • Rediscovering our tallgrass prairies:  Fuel, forage, and conservation
    D.K. Lee and Allen Parrish
  • Cover crops for Illinois: what we hear and what we know
    Maria Villamil
  • Where is the price of cropland headed?
    Todd Kuethe
  • Farm programs in the new farm bill
    Jonathan Coppess

Tour D

  • How shalt thou rotate?
    Aaron Hager
  • The quest for high corn and soybean yields
    Tryston Beyrer, Ross Bender, and Fred Below
  • Improving corn yield potential with banded phosphorus fertilizer
    Tryston Beyrer and Fred Below
  • Fertigation: A new solution for high corn and soybean yields
    Ross Bender and Fred Below