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The Next Mile Post for Soybeans & the Crush

Farmers and the trade are very concerned the price of soybeans will fade over the next six months.

There are a couple of mile posts indicators most will be watching as it relates to the production of soybeans. University of Illinois Ag Economist John Newton says the next one up is the Prospective Plantings report due March 31st from the United States of Department of Agriculture.

Quote Summary - The Prospective Plantings report is a big one. It will give us an idea of how many acres of soybeans U.S. farmers expect to sow this spring. I’m also going to continue to watch the domestic soybean crush and U.S. soybean exports. The nation is on pace to export a record volume this year and USDA maintains this number will increase next year. This would be back to back record soybean export years and certainly worth monitoring. Can the world consume soybeans and the current level? If this is possible, then that should provide some price floor, even some positive price pressure from where we are today.

Exports are reported weekly by USDA and starting in August the ag department will begin reporting the soybean crush totals monthly. The agency is picking up and tweaking a discontinued Census Bureau report.

Quote Summary - The monthly numbers will aid the trade in monitoring the pace of the domestic soybean crush. Another item to keep in mind is the importance of the RFS (Renewable Fuel Standards). It may, at some point, cause soybeans to be crushed for oil. This would have implications for soybean meal and soybean meal prices and this may offset corn fed in the residual balance sheets. These are all things to watch. Some are long run and some are short run; the pace of consumption and soybean crush being the two short run things I’m watching.

You may read more from the University of Illinois ag economists on the Farm Doc Daily website. A new article is posted there each business day of the year.