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NASA's Challenger Inspired a Generation of Explorers

Laughing, Learning, & Singing with Chili Peppers

On a bright snowy Saturday in Urbana, Illinois about 300 herb enthusiasts gathered for the 17th time. Todd Gleason has more on the annual Herb Day.

Thinking Critically About How Organic Foods Sell

Organic food products are sold widely in the United States. The context in which these products are sold give them unique attributes from the consumer perspective. Todd Gleason has more with a University of Illinois agricultural economist on virtues, vices, and shelf space of organic foods.

Transitioning to Organic Grains Production

Ag Policy & the Bourbon Trail

University of Illinois agricultural policy specialist Jonathan Coppess traveled the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and thought about how agricultural policy brought it into being.

Using Social Media to Market Locally Grown Foods

University of Illinois Extension Educator Andy Larson talks about using social media like Facebook and Twitter to build a clientele base for locally grown foods and Know-Your-Farmer campaigns.

Touring the IL Speciality Crops Trade Show

Todd Gleason tours the Illinois Speciality Crops, AgroTourism Conference trade show floor to demonstrate diversity within the industry.

MarketMaker to Connect Illinois Farmers Markets

A University of Illinois developed online database and marketing tool for farmers has matured into an independent business. MarketMaker is now working to better connect food to consumers through the Illinois Farmers Market Association.

How Flood Waters Impact Grain Flow on the Mississippi

tStorm's Midwest Summer 2016 Weather Prospects

Food & Agriculture Road Map for Illinois

Up next, a plan to make Illinois and the Chicago region into a leading global hub for food and agriculture innovation. We’ll learn about FARM Illinois from Todd Gleason.